Mould can become a persistent issue in any environment when the trifecta of moisture, a suitable food source, and conducive conditions unite. While moulds are part of the natural world, certain strains produce mycotoxins that pose serious health threats.

Common symptoms of mould exposure encompass respiratory challenges, skin irritations, sinus congestion, and headaches. In prolonged cases, individuals may even face neurological complications, cancer risks, and, in extreme scenarios, fatality. 

Addressing Mold

Problems at Their Root

At The Bearstar Group, we recognize that mould concerns typically stem from underlying moisture-related problems, such as leaky pipes, roofs, or foundations.

This is why we've meticulously crafted a well-defined process to swiftly and effectively resolve your mould issues. Our adept team will:

Our expert team will:

Source Identification
We employ advanced techniques to pinpoint the precise origin of mould infestations.

Containment Measures
We establish rigorous containment protocols to curb mould spore dispersion.

Comprehensive Removal
We employ the safest and most thorough techniques for complete mould eradication.

Safe Disposal Practices
Mold waste is disposed of in strict adherence to safety regulations.

Permanent Solutions
Beyond removal, we rectify the underlying moisture issue to prevent future mould outbreaks.

Our team boasts unmatched technical proficiency, extensive hands-on experience, and access to cutting-edge methods to restore your building to a mold-free state rapidly. Our expertly trained professionals strictly adhere to all Federal and Provincial regulations and hold certifications for Level I, II, and III remediation. 

HVAC Excellence

Clean Air

HVAC systems often spread contaminants. Our comprehensive HVAC services ensure clean, healthy indoor air, including moisture control, decontamination, and maintenance.


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