In an era where indoor living is paramount, air quality and safety are vital.
At The Bearstar Group, we prioritize your well-being. Everyone deserves clean, healthy air, so we've dedicated ourselves to your health and safety.

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The Bearstar Group is a leader in hazardous materials management.

From asbestos and mould to lead and more, we're your partners in creating environments where air quality means health.

Our skilled experts ensure the air you breathe remains pristine.

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At The Bearstar Group, we embody excellence in every service we offer. Our diverse expertise, ranging from skilled masonry to advanced environmental cleanups, ensures top-quality and safety in every project. Check out our key services that showcase our commitment to outstanding results:

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Your Partner in Clean Air and Safety

The Bearstar Group ensures healthy indoor air quality and safe environments.

With unwavering commitment, advanced tech, and dedicated teams, we prioritize your well-being. Breathe easy, knowing you're in safe hands.


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Experience clean air with The Bearstar Group.
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Rob Boyko - CEO

Rob Boyko is a dynamic professional with over 25 years of experience in construction, asbestos removal, and demolition. As the President of The Bearstar Group, he has played pivotal roles in sales, business development, project management, and multimillion-dollar projects across Canada.

Rob's expertise covers asbestos, lead, and mold abatement, mold remediation, lead removal, infection control programs, demolition, and disaster recovery solutions. Now, The Bearstar Group is excited to announce the expansion of their services to serve clients nationwide. Rob has collaborated with industry giants like Great West Life, Loblaws, Scotia Bank, BMO, TD Bank, Cadillac Fairview, PCL, Brookfield Johnson Controls, Pinchin Ltd, Golder, SafetechEnvironmental, and MLSE.

Beyond his professional achievements, Rob is a well-connected industry expert. His extensive network spans various sectors, from Construction and general Contracting to Environmental Abatement and Health and Fitness.

Rob Boyko's dedication to excellence and client satisfaction continues to distinguish him as a significant figure in the construction, asbestos removal, and demolition industry. His leadership serves as an inspiration to professionals across sectors, making a lasting impact on the business landscape. For comprehensive services and exceptional results, trust Rob Boyko and The Bearstar Group.

Our Clients

Our diverse and esteemed clientele reflects The Bearstar Group commitment to quality and professionalism. Representing a range of industries, these clients are a testament to our dedication and success in every project.

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