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What we do

With over 25 years of collective expertise in hazardous material abatement, The Bearstar Group stands as a beacon of excellence in the industry. Our commitment is unwavering, ensuring the highest quality of service in every project, big or small. We specialize in commercial, industrial, and institutional building abatement, addressing a comprehensive range of hazards including asbestos, mold, lead, PCB, and more. Our approach is underpinned by state-of-the-art technology and a deep reservoir of experience, enabling us to efficiently tackle the identification, removal, and disposal of harmful pollutants.

Our dedication extends beyond clean air. The Bearstar Group is recognized for its prestigious credentials, such as Contractor Check Accreditation and Risk Check & Comply Works certification. We are fully insured and offer bonding capabilities, providing our clients with the utmost confidence and peace of mind. Our unionized team (1891 Painters & Allied Trade) offers the versatility to operate in diverse environments, be it union or non-union, ensuring our services are accessible wherever they are needed.

Choose The Bearstar Group for a future that’s not only cleaner but safer, as your trusted partner in hazardous material abatement.

Our Services

At The Bearstar Group, we embody excellence in every service we offer. Our diverse expertise, ranging from skilled masonry to advanced environmental cleanups, ensures top-quality and safety in every project. Check out our key services that showcase our commitment to outstanding results:


“If you can see it in your mind, you can hold it in your hand.”

Bob Proctor


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Explore Our Portfolio: At The Bearstar Group, every project highlights our commitment to excellence and client satisfaction. Here we showcase a selection of our work, demonstrating our diverse capabilities and dedication to superior results in every task.

About Us

In an era where indoor living is paramount, air quality and safety are vital. At The Bearstar Group, we prioritize your well-being. Everyone deserves clean, healthy air, so we've dedicated ourselves to your health and safety.

The Bearstar Group is a leader in hazardous materials management. From asbestos and mould to lead and more, we're your partners in creating environments where air quality means health. Our skilled experts ensure the air you breathe remains pristine.

Our Clients

Our diverse and esteemed clientele reflects The Bearstar Group commitment to quality and professionalism. Representing a range of industries, these clients are a testament to our dedication and success in every project.

  • David Gervais
    We've had the pleasure of working with Rob Boyko & The BearStar Group for 10+ years. We can always trust they'll do a great job, on time and on budget.
    David Gervais
    Vice President of Technical Services Quad Real Property Group
  • Sara Reid
    I've worked with Rob and The BearStarGroup for over 10 years, they are always prepared for a challenge and they go above and beyond to ensure all projects are successful. Rob is very professional and reliable. He's the one you want in your corner!
    Sara Reid
    Environmental Corp Real Estate Management, City of Toronto
  • Jeff Grossi
    The BearStar Group has been a trusted provider to Pinchin for over 10 years. We've been very pleased with the work they have done for us.
    Jeff Grossi
    Chief Executive Officer Pinchin Ltd.
  • Carlos Simoes
    The BearStar Group has consistently provided us with with exceptional services in environmental safety and demolition, demonstrating unparalleled expertise, efficiency, and reliability in every project.
    Carlos Simoes
    Director Real Estate Project Delivery

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