Mould Remediation

Mould spores can form when there is a presence of moisture, a food source, and a physical location able to sustain growth. While moulds can be found everywhere in daily life, some types produce mycotoxins which can cause serious health problems. Common symptoms of mould exposure can be respiratory problems, eye and skin irritations, sinus congestion, and headaches. Serious and prolonged exposure can lead to neurological problems, cancer, and even death.

Generally, mould issues are caused by underlying moisture problems which stem from things like leaky pipes, roofs, and foundations. The BearStar Group has a defined process to quickly take care of your mould problems. We will determine the source of the mould, contain it, remove it, dispose of it, and repair the source of the moisture issue to prevent future outbreaks. We have the technical equipment, extensive experience, and methods to return your building to working condition in a timely manner. The BearStar Group's professionally trained team which follows all Federal and Provincial regulations and is certified for Level I, II, and III remediation.

HVAC systems are the leading cause for spreading contaminants and mould throughout an entire building. Poor air quality can have adverse health effects on any tenants and visitors. The best defence against poor air quality is to maintain a regular maintenance schedule at the mechanical level. This involves system diagnostics, controls, cleaning, and decontamination.

The BearStar Group’s services include moisture control and decontamination, as well as system design and maintenance. We have the team to provide you with the strategies and services to keep your facilities in top-notch working order with clean, breathable air. Avoid the potential high costs of HVAC remediation, insurance claims, and possible tenant medical bills by keeping your facilities clean and productive with The Bearstar Group.


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